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Dedicated to those that fought so everyone can win!

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Celebrate diversity. Live inclusively.  Question assumptions.  Connect.





Create a home base for LGBTQ folks in greater Santa Fe and surrounding rural communities through programming at the FOLQ Community Center.


Celebrate the diversity of our community through a weekend event that brings us together.


Be an example to the greater community of equality, individuality and kindness.


“the REAL rainbow connection doesn't happen up there...

it happens here   with you & me ”


Banyan fierer-Executive director PRIDE Santa Fe

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Looking back while looking forward

Almost 50 years ago, the Stonewall Riots helped to usher in a new era for LGBTQ folks by challenging the cultural norms that suppressed the life and love of millions of people across the world. As we commemorate this event that began our cultural shift into the acceptance of same sex love and expression and the recognition and acceptance of transgendered persons, we commemorate those who challenged the dominant paradigm and paved the way for gay marriage, hate crime legislation and acknowledgement for transgendered military personnel. Because of these pioneers in the movement toward equality, many of us enjoy a more peaceful and enriched life.  Looking forward, we may see ourselves as integrated rather than separated, inclusive rather than exclusive and the mentors of a new generation where equality is lived and not lamented. 


To honor our queer ancestors and shamanate the future, we are teaming up with the artist collective Project Ampersand to create an event saturated with inclusivity, splashed with funky and dunked in hug sauce.  


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